Workplace injuries have a ripple effect throughout an entire organisation, potentially costing both the injured worker and the organization high losses in the long term

The average yearly costs of workplace injuries are over $51million on the Gold Coast alone.

A worker is a well-integrated part of an organised business. Therefore, each worker is vitally important to the wellbeing of the larger business. In a safe, efficient and injury free organisation there is no person that goes unnoticed when impaired by injury.

A nice metaphor might be the way the entire human body is impacted by injury to a certain body part. If one body part is injured the whole body cannot function at 100%. It isn’t in the organisations interest to stop using the part that is impacted, best practice is to make sure each part is healthy and without risk of injury to begin with. If it does get injured then we need to return it to pre-injury function as soon as possible.

This seems like a complex task; organisations can be made up of hundreds of people – that’s a lot of parts to look after.

If every part of the organisation is integral, think of the loss of productivity that occurs when a cog comes unfixed. The team relying on, reporting too or working alongside that member are impacted directly. Costs are involved in replacing the worker temporarily or permanently and productivity decreases massively.

How do you tune the environment to allow your business to thrive and stay safe and injury free? We offer some solutions –

  • Pre-employment Functional Assessments: Find out if a worker has the physical capacity to complete the role they are applying for without injury, or fit them to a role they are physically suited to. 
  • Ergonomic risk assessment: Minimise risk of injury caused by prolonged and awkward computer-based postures
  • Manual handling training: Minimise risk of injury caused by moving and handling things
  • Rehabilitation for the injured worker: Re-integrate into the workplace as quickly as possible

Workplace health and the services listed here make up one of the three specialties we hold at Central Physio & Health.

Learn more about the occupational services we provide at our website: https://www.centralphysiohealth.com/pre-employment-assessments-functional-capacity-gold-coast-surfers-paradise/