Pre-employment (functional) assessments

Assess a worker’s physical readiness for a new job role or when returning to work from injury.

Occupational Physiotherapy clinic in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. 


About our pre-employment functional assessments:

Our Senior Physiotherapist Wade has worked in the Occupational Physiotherapy field for the last 13 years. This experience includes using and designing pre-employment testing to ensure workers are safe to complete their jobs without injury. 

Central Physio & Health uses the Jobfit System pre-employment functional assessment (PEFA). This is an internationally recognised pre-employment testing system. 

These are a series of tests that provide objective information about an applicant’s physical and functional capacity in relation to the job for which they are applying. The PEFA is designed to determine if workers will be placed at risk of injury or pose risk to co-workers when required to perform the essential functions of a job.

A JobFit PEFA gives peace of mind when making decisions regarding job placement, suitable duties programs, health surveillance and risk management strategies. 

What is tested in the PEFA?

Each JobFit System PEFA takes 75-90mins and includes:

Medical history

Musculoskeletal screen

Aerobic fitness test

Core & shoulder stability

Job-specific static and dynamic postural tolerances (eg reaching, squatting, climbing)

Job-specific lifting and carrying tasks

A JobFit System PEFA answers three questions:

Does the worker have a current injury?

Has the worker demonstrated the physical capacity to perform the inherent requirements of the job?

Does the worker have an increased future risk of injury and what can be done about it?

Pre-employment assessment gold coast

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