Physio rehab group classes

Our Physio rehab group classes are designed to improve your movement and have you living pain free.

Strong back + core class

Our ‘Strong back + core group classes are specifically designed to improve lower back and core strength + hip, glute and pelvic strength and stability.

These classes are also great for clients suffering from knee conditions where a weakness in the core/hip/glutes region is often linked to your condition.

​These classes are for clients who are currently suffering or have previously suffered from:

  • lower back or spine pain
  • lower back disc injury
  • sciatica or nerve pain
  • hip and groin injuries
  • poor posture / body awareness
  • weak core and glutes
  • lower back or hamstring strains
  • an inability to lift and carry objects safely in daily life
  • knee pain or injuries that need stronger glutes and hip/core stability
  • a lack of progress in your sports or hobbies due to a weak core
  • a lack of flexibility and spine strength due to a sedentary job

Strong shoulders + upper back class

Our ‘Strong shoulders + upper back’ group classes are specifically designed to improve scapular strength + rotator cuff strength + thoracic spine mobility and strength, as well as general shoulder/neck strength.

There are also some core strength exercises as a strong core is a must for strong shoulders.

These classes are for clients who are currently suffering or have previously suffered from:

  • shoulder pain
  • rotator cuff injuries or tears
  • impingement syndrome
  • shoulder tendonitis
  • winging scapula
  • weak rotator cuff or genral shoulder weakness
  • shoulder instability or dislocation/subluxation
  • post-operative shoulder recovery
  • neck pain or headaches

Class Fees and Packages

If you have private health insurance you may use your Physiotherapy cover for our Physio Exercise Rehab Group Classes. All Health Funds are accepted.

Please call 07 5679 3664 or email info@centralphysiohealth.com.au to book your initial one-on-one assessment prior to joining the group classes or simply click the link above.

Initial Assessment

If you are currently receiving treatment from one of our Physiotherapists they will let you know when you are ready and when it is safe to join our group classes to continue your rehab and/or progress your performance.

If you are new to the practice an initial one on one assessment with one of our Physiotherapists is required to ensure there are no reasons you shouldn’t be doing the classes, and make sure you understand the fundamentals of the class before you begin.

Class Structure

As the focus of these classes is on rehabilitation and performance there will be a maximum of 4 clients in any class.

Small classes allow for more specific one-on-one attention for all clients + correction of any technique issues + specific progression for all clients in any class + time to answer questions clients may have during a class.

​Classes are 45-50 minutes duration +5-10min setup/packup time.

Class Levels

Our classes are not assigned to levels. Every class is tailored to the strength, skills and abilities of the individual clients in the class.

The role of the Physiotherapist will be to ensure that every client in every class is working at a level which is not too hard but not too easy to ensure progress is made, and all clients are safe within the class.

The Physiotherapist will progress each individual when you are assessed as safe to progress an exercise and as your strength improves.

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