About us

At Central Physio & Health, we want to improve your movement and have you living pain free.

We assess and treat pain and injuries using hands-on techniques and functional exercises

What Drives Us

Our vision

Central Physio & Health’s vision is to ensure that the Gold Coast community and all its businesses have access to the best of (modern) Physiotherapy services, exercise services & workplace services, in terms of quality, consistency and results within our practice.

We believe in making the Gold Coast community one of the healthiest communities in Australia. One where individuals of all ages continue to move well & participate in family activities and sport; and where companies and employees prosper.

Our Beliefs

Our mission

We are a health business committed to providing consistent, high quality services for individuals, families and businesses, aimed at achieving a healthy community and a reduction in general injuries and workplace injuries.

Our mission is to solve pain and injury, while also improving capacity and function long term. We do this combining the best parts from the worlds of Physiotherapy, functional strength training, occupational health & education.

After more than 16 years in the industry aiming to exceed client’s expectations, we have put all our energy into developing a unique framework to ensure successful results for our clients.  

Our core values

We believe in the following 3 key pillars in everything we do. These are:

Our 3 key ‘movement’ pillars to help you move pain free

'Move More'

We believe most clients need to begin their pain or rehabilitation journey with simply moving more of their body more often.

For some clients this may be as simple as a short daily walk, while for others this will be specifically working on flexibility or mobility issues we have assessed throughout their body.

One of our favourite sayings is ‘move more of your body, through more ranges of motions, more often’. Simply doing this and most of us will begin to feel better already.

We understand that ‘moving more’ needs to be individualized to every client. We also believe in never over-loading a client so ‘moving more’ is specifically tailored to every client we see.

Once we have you moving more safely, we can then begin teaching you to ‘Move Better’.

'Move Better'

We believe that before any client completes strength exercises / gym work they should move well first. Moving well means having good control over all the body’s muscles and joints, as well as good control over common movement patterns needed for day to day life, and the client’s  chosen sports and hobbies.

Most clients that come to see us for a particular pain, injury or condition also presents with less than ideal movement patterns in multiple other body areas, which may be contributing factors to their pain, injury or condition.

We believe in correcting as many non ideal movement patterns as possible before adding strength, stability and performance exercises to the client’s program.

 It is often said “you should learn to walk before you run” and learning to move better is how we believe we achieve this, therefore best preparing our clients for long term improvements with the ‘move stronger’ part of their rehabilitation.

'Move Stronger'

We believe that all clients should finish their treatment being stronger than they were before they got hurt. We believe this ensures clients remain healthier for longer after their treatment, and reduces a client’s chances of getting hurt again in the near future.

Building strength builds capacity. We believe that when clients improve their capacity they are more resilient human beings, who are better able to face the day to day stresses & strains life throws at us, as well as the stresses and strains of their chosen sports and hobbies.

We believe that being strong is important for anyone of any age, and as we age it is even more important to be working on improving and maintaining strength to maintain mobility and function.

We want all our clients to move through their life being able to perform all the things they love doing with energy,  passion and a smile on their face,

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Education, advice & support for all clients

On top of our three pillars above we believe that one of the most important parts of successful treatment is high quality education, advice & support for our clients.

 We believe that clients must better understand their bodies, the contributing factors to their conditions, and what is required to achieve the outcomes they want, in order to be able to achieve their goals.

We believe that is is our role to equip our clients with a thorough understanding of their condition and the skills needed to succeed. With this approach we have successfully treated thousands of clients at our Surfers Paradise practice and we look forward to helping thousands more.

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