The 14 Day Self-Isolation Health and Wellness Guide      

With Corona looming, or striking, or already having struck (It’s kind of hard to tell) it is becoming more apparent that many of us may have our movement horizons restricted significantly during a 14 day precautionary isolation period in order to manage the outbreak.

Obviously, the ramifications of the virus are far-reaching. I’m not attempting to comment on the entire picture, just on the health and wellness side of things. For those who do have to put regular life on hold for a period, here are a few tips on maintaining health and wellness.

Remember the 5 pillars of health:

  1. Movement
  2. Nutrition
  3. Stress
  4. Sleep
  5. Community

Grab a pen and paper and follow the steps below to create a health and wellness plan.

  1. Take a moment to give yourself a score out of 10, to rate how ‘healthy’ each pillar is now
  2. Take note of which area scores the highest, and which scores the lowest
  3. Now consider which areas are most likely to be impacted by precautionary restrictions and lifestyle modifications that may occur in the future
  4. Come up with 2 action points for each health pillar to action to increase your score during potential self-isolation

That’s the goal, now here are a few tips and ideas:

  1. Movement:

Check out our YouTube channel for exercise ideas you can perform at home with minimal equipment. Plyometric and body weight resistance training are best when space is limited.


Use the time for self-maintenance, get back into your stretching routine, do some self-massage with foam roller, trigger ball etc

  1. Stress –

Deep breathing exercises help us with organ motility (movement) and keeps the nervous system regulated which is important while movement is limited.

  1. Community –

Telehealth options are available here at the clinic. Communicating with others is hugely important during a time of ‘isolation’. Maintain your social connection as much as possible during this time.

 Stay safe everyone.

The CPH team