This is a challenge that all office workers face on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 crisis, we will see more and more people struggling with the same dilemma “How do I maintain my fitness level while working from home”.

Here are 3 tips to make sure you maintain strong and fit in this crisis:

  1. Have regular desk breaks
  2. Maintain healthy and happy muscles
  3. Variability

Have regular desk breaks

The number one priority should always be your safety. It is important you keep moving constantly while working from home.  A good rule of thumb is to stand (and move) 15minutes for every hour you are sitting. You will be surprised how much you can do around the house every 15min/per hour. You will keep yourself safe and fit and your partner/house mates very happy with all the house cleaning!

Maintain healthy and happy muscles

Muscles are extremely important for fitness. To be able to get strong muscles, you first need to make sure your muscles are happy!

What are happy muscles…?

A happy muscle is a muscle that it is relaxed in static position and does not hurt.

How do we do that?

Simple, ensure while at your desk your muscles are relaxed (not tensed) and not hurting by adjusting your office workstation.

Two common ways to tense your muscles unneccessarily are:

– sitting perched on the edge of your chair tensing your spine muscles 

– sitting too low and tensing your neck and shoulders to elevate your arms to type

You can always use foam rollers, massage balls or tennis balls to release unhappy (tight) muscles when you feel them.


This is a top secret for high level fitness: Variability!

Yes, that’s right! So what does that mean? Your body needs strength, cardio, intense (fast) and tempo (slow) exercises. Make sure you implement each exercise type in your weekly routine.  Remember to be creative, you don’t need fancy equipment or heavy weights, you can easily use your body weight and all over body movements while at home.

Sometimes the floor is the best piece of equipment you can have!!

We have started to share some home workout programs you can do with minimal equipment on our Instagram and Youtube channels. Some of these videos are below.

If you are stuck for ideas click through to them for some inspiration. If you want a individualised home program book one HERE

Stay safe and stay fit and stay healthy,

The Central Physio & Health Team.