Yes the gyms are closed – that does not mean it is time to lose all your hard work and progress. You have spent hours working on progressing your mobility and strength on the cable machine before Covid-19 so you don’t have to lose it!

No cable…. No problem!

This blog will talk through some alternatives you can work through at home with only a dumbbell and a power band.

As some of you may know we believe you need to have good strength and good control over 8 key movements using the upper limbs:

Our favourite movements to target on the cable machine are:

1. Posterior Pull (pull backwards)

2. Anterior Push (Push forwards)

3. Opening Arc

4. Closing Arc

We have just launched 8 exercises you can access here for this blog under our ‘no cable, no problem’ playlist. Three exercises I have included to talk through in this blog are:

1. Opening Arc mid>mid single arm / dumbbell + quadruped.

Wow what a name you say…. We lable our exercises using a scientific system. It lists:

– the movement (plus direction)

– one arm or 2 arms

– the equipment

– what the other half of the body is doing

The first exercise I am using a dumbbell in a quadruped posture. This a fantastic exercise for the shoulder (rotator cuff and rear deltoid) as wall as the core and stabilising muscles on the other side (the arm holding you up).

Raise the dumbbell to the side and slowly lower back down. Make sure you do not lose control through your other shoulder, or let your spine and hips move. You don’t need a big weight here. 2-3 sets each side to fatigue.

2. Posterior Pull Single Arm/ Band + Split Squat (sustained)

Tie a band to something solid (door, table, pole etc). Stand back so there is some tension on the band, Place your legs in a split squat posture and hold them static. Pull backwards on the band and let your upper spine rotate slightly. Shoulders love when the spine turns. Great exercise for the pulling muscles including the biceps. You may get some burn in the legs from holding on but focus here on the arm and shoulder blade. 2-3 sets each side to fatigue.

3. Opening arc low > high single arm / dumbbell + weight shifting squat

Yes you read that right. That’s what the exercise is called. Hold a dumbbell in 1 hand (right in this video). Stand with your feet wide apart. Hold the dumbbell outside your other knee with your other knee bent. Raise the dumbbell up across your body over the same shoulder while shifting your body weight to that side. Pause slightly then lower back down. If you are not strong in your shoulder you will struggle with this exercise. When you get good at opening arcs you shoulders will LOVE YOU. 


For the remaining 5 exercises be sure to checkout the playlist on YOUTUBE HERE

 Stay safe and send us any questions you may have. We are here to help.