What are we aiming to help with?

Many of our clients are now at home with no gym. AND they can’t even buy any exercise equipment as the world is sold out of it due to this virus.

We are aiming to put together one workout per week that you can do from home with minimal equipment to help keep you healthy.


What is this week’s program?

This week’s program is a 7 exercise body wieght workout you can do with just you and a floor. We often say that the floor is the best piece of equipment in the gym and now that certainly is true.

Important – If you have pain limiting you with any of these movements ensure you stop and seek advice from a Physiotherapist.

This week’s full body workout consists of:

1. Glute bridge

2. Push up (on knees)

3. Alternating high side planks

4. Supermans

5. Curtsy Lunge

6. Mountain climber

7. Turkish getup part 1


How many of each exercise should you do?

Just watch each video and perform 2-3 sets of each exercise. 7 exercises may be too many for you so start with 3-4 exercises. Choose ones you feel comfortable doing and build up. Chose a mixture of leg and arm exercises.

How many reps in a set? 

The answer is always until you feel a little fatigue. That might be 5 that might be 15 you be the judge.

What order should I do them?

We really like using circuits in our training. So do 1 set of exercise 1, then 2, then 3, all the way to 7. And then start again. Have fun and get some family members involved to help get them fit and also to ensure you are socialising along the way.


How can I see the whole program?

See 3 of the exercises below and see the whole workout HERE

Stay safe and stay healthy

The CPH Team