Lower back pain is the most common condition we see.

It is often quoted that 80% of the population will suffer back pain as some stage of their life. 80%!! Why is this such a common problem? That’s the question many scientists are still searching for the answer to.

Some of our thoughts….

Let’s face it most of us don’t look after this area of the body well. In fact many of us don’t look after our musculoskeletal system that well in general. Until we have a problem with it. 

We sit poorly for long periods placing stress on the lower back and then we lift poorly placing stress on the lower back. You will see arguments that sitting with poor posture does not cause back pain and it does not matter if you stop to lift it won’t cause back pain. 

I would be very careful thinking it is ok to slump all day and then lift with a round back. That is certainly NOT what we teach to have a healthy and pain free back. 

It also goes against the safety legislation in this country which states that awkward sustained postures are in fact risk factors for pain and injury. Interesting contradiction…

So what is the answer?

Put simply – a healthy amount of regular movement with lots of variety and variability. And lifting things in a healthy amount and lots of directions. 

Is it ok to slouch occasionally? Absolutely. But not every day for hours.

Is it ok to lift with a rounded back? Sure for light things occasionally. But not for heavy objects over and over again.

One final thought for this post

“Most lower back problems are really a hip and upper back problem which has not been corrected yet.

In our next blog we discuss some very simple exercises you can complete to make sure you don’t get stiff in your upper back placing extra stress on your lower back.