Lower back pain is the most common condition we see by far.


We have discussed that 80% of us will suffer from back pain as some stage of our life.

Previously I planted the following seed for you to ponder over…


“Most lower back problems are really a hip and upper back problem which has not been corrected yet.

What does this mean? Put very simply.

“If you can’t move somewhere you will move somewhere else. “


You can’t move well in your hips so you try and use your lower back. Then you can’t move well in your upper back (thoracic spine) so you try and use your lower back again. The poor lower back! Faced with stress and strain all day long that it should not have to take. No wonder it is sore!

This is a VERY common presentation we see on a daily basis at the clinic. Tight and weak hips and tight and weak upper backs leading to very sore lower backs.

So what is the solution…?

We simply reverse engineer what we find. Let’s start with the upper back. So if it’s tight and weak we loosen and strengthen it. Sometimes we might not even need to touch the sore lower back. What?! Yes true.

We recently posted a series of 7 simple exercises you can do on a daily/weekly basis to keep yourself moving well in your upper back. 3 of them are posted in this blog below. 

Check them out our Youtube channel here for the rest.

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