Simple ankle sprains are sometimes not simple….

Yes they can be simple. Like a low grade lateral ankle sprain (as seen in the image above).

These can often heal completely with some time and getting back into it.

BUT when left unchecked the not so simple ankle sprain injuries can often go missed and be a problem many months or even years later.

Our advice is always get it checked.

If it is just a simple ankle sprain some rehab for a few weeks and you are good to go. If not so simple we can investigate further and apply different interventions to get you heading in the right direction.

So what do we need to rehab??? If nothing is super damaged (just a simple ankle sprain) we need to:

1. Get the full range of motion back

2. Get all the strength back

3. Get good balance and change of direction back

4. Get any other movements you need to return to your sport or hobbies at 100%

Over the past week we have posted a series of 7 ankle rehab exercises onto Instagram and facebook. These have been focused around point 3 above and mainly focussed on regaining balance.

Poor balance on the damaged ankle may increase your chance of re-injuring your ankle when you return to your sport or hobby. 

It is not good enough to just be able to stand on one leg with good balance as the challenge is not high enough or not dynamic enough to have full control over your ankle. 

There are some really good ideas to begin to challenge your balance more with your ankle rehab in our full playlist on YouTube – HERE.

Below are 3 of the exercises but make sure you checkout the full playlist on the link above.

Extra tip – It is VERY important to remember if you have not regained your full range of motion in your ankle in all directions then your balance will be effected and you won’t have the best chance to rehab your balance. 

If you have any questions on ankle rehabilitation send us a message.

Wade Brennan

Principal Physiotherapist