This blog is to walk you through why we use functional exercise programs in our Physiotherapy assessment & treatment here at Central Physio & Health.

Warning – yes we are different to other clinics. And we are proud to be different.

Put very simply – because it keeps you pain free for longer. But if you want the details please read on.  

The first reason…

To increase your capacity. The capacity of your muscles, joints or other tissues to handle more. The capacity of your body to handle more. Remember, when you get injured you lose capacity (can’t do or tolerate as much without getting hurt). So we need to get this back.

Will time get my capacity back. No!

‘I used to be able to squat on my knee’. ‘I used to be able lift things but I can’t (won’t) any more’. Both capacity issues. Both need individualised functional strength work to get the capacity back.


The second reason…

To maintain your improvements from Physiotherapy long term. If we have been working on your mobility or if we have been working on your strength we need you to complete exercises at home/gym/outdoors (wherever you prefer) to maintain these improvements long term.

Exercises are specifically given to you from us based on the findings of your treatment so far, and your body.

  • It is our job to give you the right exercises. 
  • It is your job to do the exercises to maintain your improvements. 


So how does strength & conditioning work?

Most clients when we start seeing them are at a low level of strength or a low level of capacity. That may just be in the injured area or what may (often) be the whole body.

We will start you on a low level (Level 1) program. We will then work you up through the levels. Level 2, then level 3 etc.

It is our job to give you the right exercises at the right intensity.

Super important point:

* If we give you exercises that are too little intensity = nothing happens.

* If we give you exercises that are too much intensity = we risk aggravating you.

* If the exercises are ‘just right’ you will reduce your pain and increase your function. 

Our rehabilitation guide:

We use the following movements/exercises for most clients.

6 leg movements / exercises:

6 spine movements / exercises:

8 arm movements / exercises:

functional training for the arms

This does not mean every client must do all these exercises – we will pick and choose the best ones for you to get your best outcome.

Typically if you have a shoulder issue and you can do all 8 arms movements you have a good shoulder. If you have a knee issue and you can do all 6 leg movements you have a good knee. If your spine can do all 6 spine movements/exercises you have a good spine. 


Click below to hear Wade our Principal Physio talk you through this process in a short video on youtube: