Prebirth acupuncture specifies a course of treatments given in the final weeks of pregnancy to prepare women for childbirth. Studies have shown that the mean duration of labour was reduced by approximately 1.5 hours for women whom received acupuncture, compared to those in the study that did not Betts, D (2006). Often the weeks leading up to labor can be one of the most stressful times for an expecting mother, her partner and good preparation is essential.
Please note that although this article is explaining specifically the benefits of receiving acupuncture for pre-birth preparation, women can safely receive acupuncture during the whole term of pregnancy. Many unwanted elements like nausea, heart burn, sleep disturbance, digestive issues and musculoskeletal complaints are treated during the pregnancy that leaves the mother pain and symptom free, relaxed and feeling in control of her experience.
According to clinical trails noted by Betts, D (2006) and from personal clinical experience, the optimal time to start to prepare a women in the weeks leading up to childbirth with Acupuncture is form 37 weeks. During this time muscle skeletal elements such as sciatic and low back pain may be addressed to increase comfort levels leading up to birth. A set protocol is given, based on clinical studies that will increase cervical ripening, and thus reduce the possible need for postdates induction. This reduces mean labor time and insures the smoothest and most fulfilling experience possible during labor.
Rob Reilly (Acupuncturist) practicing at Central Physio & Health specializes in preparing mothers for labor, by reducing pelvic pain and increasing pelvic expansion and cervical ripening. We welcome mothers to the clinic and encourage you to call us for an appointment or, for more information to discuss your treatment options.