No Pain is not the end of the Ride!
Rob and Marie are 4 weeks into their rehabilitation for shoulder tendon tears they suffered whilst doing what they love, Golf and Tennis. I end up seeing Rob 20 times over a 12 week period, he returns to golf and I never saw him again. Marie stopped after 6 weeks of treatment and returned to playing Tennis with minimal pain. I see her again 6 weeks later and her pain has returned as it was on Day 1.
I started to think to myself why did Marie stop coming when she was not at full function yet? Were her expectations met? Were her goals and needs fulfilled? Were her Finances/Health cover restricted? Is she too busy to continue their treatment? What I see all too often is a sufficient decrease in pain in the client’s symptoms, which causes a satisfaction that is strong enough for them to discontinue treatment.
Welcome to….
The Physio Ferris Wheel

Who doesn’t love a Ferris Wheel? We all get on to spend that short amount of time at the top admiring the view. We wish we could stay up there forever. Well, I’m here to tell you that is 100% possible on this Ferris Wheel! But it will take some commitment and dedication.
We are in line for the ride, its a painful wait (PAIN). We finally get in the carriage (PHYSIOTHERAPY) and it takes us to the top (NO PAIN). Along the way, the physio has a toolbox (EDUCATION) which they show the client which tools to use to stop the wheel at the top.
Marie decided she wasn’t interested in the tools and just wanted to get to the top and she would be satisfied. Marie stayed on the Ferris wheel and 6 weeks later she ended up back at the bottom, wanting that view from the top again.
Rob decided to stop the Ferris Wheel with the tools I gave him. He understood that if he didn’t use the tools he would return to the bottom.
What’s in the toolbox?
The biggest tool Physiotherapists have in their toolbox is education. We have the experience and knowledge of what works, it is our job to pass that information on.
Education on exercise progressions, work duties/postures, daily activities and even social behaviours form the foundation of our toolbox. Our hands may get you to the top of the Ferris wheel, but our advice will keep you there.
Listen, learn, apply and become pain free for life!
John Macansh
Central Physio and Health, Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, Surfers Paradise