Office ergonomic training & assessment

Our Physiotheraists provide office workstation ergonomic training & assessment on the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Tweed Heads.

We offer ergonomic assessments & ergonomic training sessions with registered Physiotherapists on the Gold Coast & Tweed Heads/Northern NSW. Poor posture is the underlying cause of many musculoskeletal disorders that we manage on a daily basis. If you are sitting at a workstation it is essential that it be adjusted to fit you. 

We offer a number of ergonomic solutions for the workplace catering for both small and large companies and offer clients a variety of ways to provide ergonomic assessment & advice. If you have any queries about what ergonomic package might best suit your workplace, please call us on 07 5679 3664.

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Group ergonomic assessments

Level 1a. “Sit-Safe” ergonomic training + individual ergonomic desk check 10mins per worker

Our ‘Sit-Safe’ ergonomic training is completed onsite for groups of up to 25 workers per course and includes both theoretical and practical components, emphasizing the importance of postural awareness in the workplace, and teaching the basics of correct ergonomic setup (with a mock workstation) as well as common injuries and faults.

Following the education session we then spend 10mins with each worker at their desk to provide individual advice, making further ergonomic corrections and answering any questions they may have.

Level 1b. Roaming individual ergonomic desk check 10mins per worker

These assessments are as above without the education session prior. It  involves a 10 minute individual consultation with each worker at their workstation. The desk check allows enough time to educate the worker on their chair, desk and ergonomic accessories and adjust these where appropriate or possible to improve their seated working posture and ergonomics.

Level 2. Standard individual ergonomic desk risk assessments, 15 or 30 minutes per worker

15 minute ‘preventative’ ergonomic desk risk assessment

Typically, these workers are not experiencing any symptoms or injuries and the assessment aims to ensure that their ergonomic workstation is set up correctly to prevent injury.

​30 minute ‘minor complaints’ ergonomic desk risk assessment

Typically, these workers have only minor symptoms (e.g. occasional lower back ache) or injuries and the ergonomic assessment aims to ensure that their workstation is set up correctly to reduce symptoms and prevent further injury.

With both length assessments our therapists will review the individual and their ergonomic workstation, identify any ergonomic issues, educate on reducing sedentary postures, modify where necessary their workstation to minimise risk of injury and provide recommendations in terms of self-management strategies, ergonomic accessories and safe working practices.

Individual ergonomic assessments

Level 3a. ‘Standard’ one-on-one ergonomic desk assessments (30minute assessment / 30minute reporting)

This ergonomic assessment is designed for an individual worker who may or may not be experiencing pain/discomfort. Our consultants are able to come to you to carry out one-on-one consultations. The workstation will be assessed in depth, as well as providig recommendations on appropriate management in the report. 

Level 3b. ‘Specialised’ one-on-one ergonomic desk assessments (60-75min assessment / 60minute reporting)

This ergonomic assessment is designed for the injured worker. The assessment allows the health professional to interview the worker on their current concerns, any past injury history, and ensure that any modifications suit their individual needs. Our aim is to resolve and/or significantly improve symptoms which workers experience when at work and prevent the likelihood of aggravation occurring.

Level 3c. One-on-one sit & stand desk assessment

​This ergonomic assessment is designed for the worker who has requested or been requested by a health professional to be provided a sit stand workstation. Assessment will ensure a sit and stand workstation is safe for the worker and the correct type is fitted.

Home Office Ergonomic Assessments

‘Standard’ home office ergonomic desk & safety risk assessment (in person)

All employers have a duty of care under current legislation to provide a safe workplace for their workers. If a worker is working from home this includes their home office and home environment. This assessment ensures your workers home office has been assessed for both ergonomic risk factors and general safety risk factors. Building on from our ergonomic assessments we are able to send a health professional to your worker’s home office to complete an ergonomic assessment and safety risk assessment with report. Our consultants will carry out a risk assessment to identify all ergonomic hazards, plus assess manual handling issues, repetition, trip hazards, fire safety, ventilation, emergency contacts, childcare arrangements and first aid supplies. This will provide you with a report which can be kept with your Health and Safety Rep’s records for management.

‘Standard’ home office ergonomic desk & safety risk assessment (via video call)

This assessment is for workers looking to have their home office assessed exactly as above and is completed via two steps:

Step 1: Complete a self assessment form including photographs and return to us for review

Step 2: 20-30min video call assessment to review home office, make necessary changes and complete report. 

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