Posture & Spine Stability Exercise Programs

This program incorporates techniques focused strongly on core strength and stability.

Our posture & spine stability programs area specialised form of exercise developed by Physiotherapists, which incorporates techniques focused strongly on core strength and stability. These programs are specifically good to manage neck and back pain, as part of a rehabilitation program.

These programs aim to improve flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, self awareness and efficiency of movement. They incorporate a a range of exercises and equipment which improve flexibility in commonly tight muscles, mobility in commonly stiff joints and strength in the deep stabilising muscles throughout the body, with a focus on the abdominal, hip and core muscles.

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These programs will benefit you if you: 

Sit for a long time

Such as sitting at a desk or in a car in a forwards flexed posture, which over time may lead to muscle tightness/imbalance and joint stiffness.

Suffer from lower/mid back or neck pain or have suffered an injury

Even after a minor injury, deep stabilising muscles surrounding the injury site are inhibited while superficial muscles change into a state of excitation referred to as muscle guarding/spasm. This imbalance and inefficiency of the muscular system surrounding the joint can predispose you to injuries.

Want to prevent aches and pains or injuries

As we move about in our daily lives, our body naturally takes the line of least resistance and we tend to move more at the mobile areas of our bodies. Common examples of this include lower back pain caused when we flex too much at our lumbar spine, if we suffer from hip or hamstring tightness.

Also, extending at a single segment in the lower back or neck if we suffer mid back/thoracic spine tightness. Over time this can lead to lower back injuries at the mobile segment, which as Physiotherapists we see clinically every day!

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About the Program

Why book an Initial Posture & Spine Stability Exercise Consultation (who is this consultation for)?

1. You are wanting a detailed ‘posture and core’  focussed consultation to allow you to begin either one-on-one or group sessions supervised by a Physiotherapist.
2. You are looking for an active exercise based way to manage ongoing neck and back pain, as part of a rehabilitation program or to compliment an existing fitness regime.
3. You are looking to improve flexibility, strength in the deep stabilising muscles throughout the body, coordination, balance, self awareness and efficiency of movement.

Important Safety Note: If you have a current injury, pain or significant movement limitation you should not book a this consultation and rather should book for an Initial Physiotherapy consultation to allow a more thorough and specific assessment, treatment and management plan be put in place first for your condition. Then you can discuss with your Physiotherapist if exercise is the best way for you to manage your injury, pain or significant movement limitation moving forward.

What is included in my Initial 60minute Posture & Spine Stability Exercise Consultation?

  • Current & past injury history
  • Assessment of any pain/stiffness/injuries with Physiotherapist
  • Goal setting
  • Muscle length and mobility assessment
  • Core stability assessment
  • Introduction to basic exercises
  • Assessment for one-on-one verse group sessions
  • Management plan

What happens after my Initial Consultation?

The initial one-on-one consultation allows each session to be tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. After the initial consultation you will have the choice of continuing your program with private one-on-one sessions or in small group sessions.

Group programs typically consist of 8 or 12 sessions and are run at various suitable times so all clients have access to classes. Classes are limited to 4 clients in a group as we feel here at Central Physio & Health quality treatment is more effective in small numbers for more individual attention.

If you have private health insurance you may use your Physiotherapy cover for these sessions. All Health Funds are accepted.

Please call 07 5679 3664 or email info@centralphysiohealth.com.au to book your initial consultation.

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